September 12th
7:19 PM


Check out the new 30-second spot of L’Américain ! 

July 30th
9:00 PM




uniFrance, a well-known and very respected organization whose mission is to promote French films outside of France, has recently selected L’Américain to be included in their Short Film Gallery.

This extensive short film catalog was made to give easy access to all industry professionals, including acquisitors and distributors who are looking to broadcast or screen French content.

We’re very happy to have been included! 

If you are a member of uniFrance, you may view L’Américain at the link below:

June 22nd
9:52 PM




We’re very happy to announce that L’Américain has been officially selected at the Philadelphia QFest, the third-largest event of its kind and considered to be the largest LGBT film festival on the East Coast (USA)! The two-week festival will be screening 125 films from more than 40 countries - including features, shorts, and documentaries - all of which are competing for the yearly audience and jury awards (L’Américain will be competing for the Best Short Film Category). 

We’re all very excited to be a part of this year’s Philadelphia QFest and hope that you will be able to attend this exciting film festival! 

L’Américain will be screening twice at the Festival prior to the German feature film, Silent Youth:

- Wednesday, July 17th at 5:00 pm at the Ritz East 2

- Saturday, July 20th at 12:15pm at Ritz Bourse

For more information and tickets, please visit:

June 13th
8:40 PM




It’s been a busy summer for L’Américain so far! After a brief cameo in the Cannes Short Film Corner in May and our first official festival premiere at the Côté Court Short Film Festival just last week, we’re now only one week away from having our North American Premiere at the Palm Springs International ShortFest, an Oscar-qualifying festival!

We’re all very honored to be a part of this amazing film festival, but I regret to say I won’t be able to come out to this one (being so far away)… Too bad, too cuz this one’s got 330 short films from around the world in 53 different, exciting programs. Furthermore, this is the first time The University of Arizona has had such a huge presence at a film festival - L’Américain being one of five films made by UofA alumni!

The festival is running from June 18 - 24, so get your tickets now and see some short films!

L’Américain will be screened on Friday, June 21 at 1:30 pm at Camelot Theatres as part of the “Cons & Consequences” program. More info at:

June 9th
2:04 PM




And here we are! The crew and friends of L’Américain at the Cine 104 in Pantin, host to the Côté Court Short Film Festival which is happening right now

We’re all very honored to have been selected into 22nd edition of this film festival and want to thank everyone who came out to the screening last Thursday night. If you missed it and want to come check out the film, it will be screening once again on Saturday, June 15 (the last day of the festival) at 14h00 as part of the “Panorama 1” selection!

More info at:


Me (second from the left) presenting my film at the Panorama 1 screening.

7:01 AM



Just check out that pose, haha! Wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our French actor, Romain Châteaugiron ! Bon anniversaire palate ! ;)
May 28th
6:23 AM




L’AMÉRICAIN is one of 47 films that were chosen for the “Panorama” selection at the Côte Court Short Film Festival. We are delighted to invite you to the official screening at
 Ciné 104 in Pantin - JUNE 6, 2013 at 6 PM - in presence of the director and film crew. You can download the presentation sheet by clicking on the link below. So, buy your tickets and feel free to share the event info amongst your friends! We hope to see you all at the screening next week!

Download Promo Sheet

May 21st
3:11 PM



Come check out L’Américain at the Short Film Corner in Cannes !
May 9th
8:54 AM



Wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our production manager, Capucine Jore, aka Captain Cap! :)
May 5th
7:01 PM




JONATHAN CHARPTENTIER is a French photographer and artist, originally from Paris. Studying at a Parisian photography school, he learned his trade as an assistant studio and news photographer, specializing in portraits, objects and illustrations, as well as institutional and event photography. He is also an active member of several audiovisual associations and participates in various projects and events such as the short film festival Le 7è Art du Lys. Acting as an on-set photographer for many short films (sometimes doubling briefly as an actor and an extra), he also likes to pursue other artistic endeavors. His work has already been shown in several expositions in France and the Netherlands and he most recently premiered two new series in Minnesota and Michigan. Today, he currently runs his own business: Jonathan Charpentier Photography.


1) How did you get involved with L’Américain?

I’ve been an on-set photographer since 2007, and I love working on different projects. It was François René Whyte - a friend of mine that I’ve known since kindergarten - who talked to me about the project and introduced me to Jim. Thanks to my work in photography, I’ve become a big traveler. My girlfriend is American, so I hope to move to the US next year. Communication is not always easy with the distance, cultural differences and the language barrier. So when I read the script, I was touched by the story, and I said to myself, “How wonderful to work on a film with a story like this and with a crew composed of people coming from all over the world !” All the ingredients were there for me to jump on board.

2) What was your favorite experience abroad?

My trips around and to the United States are my favorite, specifically the first time I went in January 2010 to meet my girlfriend, who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The temperature was below zero, so when I left the aiport, icicles began forming under my nose! And I loved it! My first time in the US is still my favorite. I was so excited to be on a plane that I couldn’t even sleep! I also think that love is the best reason to travel or at least, meeting the locals, understanding their culture and learning other ways of life.

3) Where will your next voyage be?

That’s easy to guess! BACK TO THE USA! I think that next year, I’ll probably ask my girlfriend to marry me. I’ll be living in the States while keeping my French heritage, of course, and continue working here and there. I’ve always dreamed of traveling around the world. I would love to visit Canada and Australia, but that depends on work and such. But I’ll always follow my intuition. 

4) Tell us a story of someone who unexpectedly changed your life.

I met a Yogi Indian named Sri Swami Umasankar. He had an extraordinary life not only because he was a Yogi, but because he was a saint who took a vow to spend his life trying to bring world peace. I had the chance to learn a bit from him, and I’ll be seeing him again in September 2013 in France.

5) What is one secret talent you have?

My secret talent won’t be a secret anymore if I talk about it! Ok, if you insist… And if you’re luring me with dark chocolate, well, then, alright! It’s been a long time that I haven’t been in a group, but I sing. Originally, I learned opera, but then I tried out other different styles of music because if you like music or art, everything is interesting no matter what time period it’s from or what genre. I also have another secret talent, but that will remain a secret… unless you seduce me with chocolate!